Sep 30, 2008

Start of an Art Blog

There's no better way to start off an art blog than with a smoking Kudu.

This blog will serve as an update center for my website, Mirana's Mythology. I will also try and do work-in-progress entries on new art when the need strikes me. In the meantime, visit my site for all the current arts. :)


Ann said...

Hope you don't mind me adding you to your blogroll! I just got a blog too--I'm 'Maridius' on CA btw--and I've been having fun setting it up the way I want! I'm not 100% there yet though. How are you liking it?

mirana said...

I'm surprisingly enamoured with it. I've been an LJ user for yrs now, but it's a private journal I WAS going to do rss feed on my site (still might), but blogger is popular with us artists and I managed to make this one so pretty... ;)

You have no profile enabled so no linkage....*digs through CA* Ah-HA! Okay, there we go. I haven't set up my "blogroll" yet, but that will come soon I hope. :D Thank you for linking me! Now I guess I MUST update, haha.

If you need any help with the set-up, let me know. I liked the template of mine just fine, but not the colors it had, so I edited most of it (including the graphics).

Ann said...

Same here with the LJ. I've had mine since 04 and I really started to notice that artists predominated here on blogger. My writerly friends are mostly on LJ so it looks like I'll be dividing my time equally between here and there.

I'll get my profile up and running soon